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Vedic Maths Main Sutras
Sutra Number Main Sutra (Sanskrit) Main Sutra (English Transliteration) English Translation

sutra 1

sutra one Ekaadhikena Purvena

By one more than the one before

sutra 2

sutra two Nikhilam Navatashcaramam Dashatah

All from 9 and the last from 10

sutra 3

sutra three Urdhva-Tiryagbhyaam

Vertically and Cross-wise

sutra 4

sutra four Paraavartya Yojayet

Transpose and Apply

sutra 5

sutra five Shunyam Saamyasamuccaye

If the Samuccaya is the Same it is Zero

sutra 6

(Aanuruupye) Shuunyamanyat

If One is in Ratio the Other is Zero

sutra 7

sutra seven Sankalana-vyavakalanaabhyaam

By Addition and by Subtraction

sutra 8

sutra eight Puuranaapuuranaabyhaam

By the Completion or Non-Completion

sutra 9

sutra nine Chalana-Kalanaabhyaam

Differential Calculus

sutra 10

sutra ten Yaavaduunam

By the Deficiency

sutra 11

sutra eleven Vyashtisamashtih

Specific and General

sutra 12

sutra twelve Sheshanyankena Charamena

The Remainders by the Last Digit

sutra 13

sutra thirteen Sopaantyadvayamantyam

The Ultimate and Twice the Penultimate

sutra 14

sutra fourteen Ekanyuunena Puurvena

By One Less than the One Before

sutra 15

sutra fifteen Gunitasamuchayah

The Product of the Sum

sutra 16

sutra sixteen Gunakasamuchayah

All the Multipliers