One-to-One Tuition in Pre-GCSE, GCSE or A-level Maths

We provide one-to-one tuition in maths and help prepare students to sit standard mathematics examinations. Each session is entirely bespoke, tailored to the needs and requirements of the individual student. Book a lesson

Group Tuition in Pre-GCSE, GCSE or A-level Maths

Group tuition for students who are studying the same syllabus and who are all roughly at a similar mathematical level. We run regular group sessions as a full program of study throughout the year. Book a lesson



  • Qualified, experienced maths teacher/tutor! (enhanced DBS)
  • KS3, GCSE and A-level Maths specialist and Vedic maths enthusiast.
  • Teaching/Tutoring experience: mainstream secondary, primary schools; alternative education, PRU's and special schools, private and adult education and, one-to-one tuition.
  • Engineering graduate (BSc, MSc degrees).
  • Also possesses good knowledge of web/software development languages (html, css, javascript, php, mysql and some c/c++)




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